Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Heavens Move and so does Starfest -- to Sunday!

The telescopes set up in Hopewell Furnace for Starfest are not small.
This just in: thanks to the never-ending cycle of ungodly heat followed by torrential rains, our friends at the Chesmont Astronomical Society have had to re-schedule their annual Starfest event to tomorrow.

This year's event offers an excellent chance to observe the Perseid meteor shower.

If you read Tuesday's post about the spectacular landing on Mars, you know how cool the Starfest event is.

But if you missed it, although I can't imagine why, here is the poster that outlines all the cool stuff that goes on there.

If this too fails, thanks to cloud cover or other weather-related interference, the next back-up date is the following Saturday, Aug. 18.

Click here if you need directions to Hopewell Furnace.

And if you can't make it Sunday, the folks at Chesmont hold monthly "star parties" at French Creek and Marsh Creek state parks for those who want to get a wider view of the universe.

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