Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Of Pottsgrove Grades and Numbers

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  1. We were disturbed to read about the grade changes. We very clearly understand that a teacher can numerically adjust grades to match the desired letter grade to be issued. However, we believe that this change to a broader / lower grading scale will be perceived by students, parents and the community that PGSD is dumbing down its standards and expectations - right or wrong, that was certainly our perception as we read the below. We most strongly believe that if you set high expectations students will rise up to meet the challenge. Doing the opposite is equally true - if you lower the bar, students and staff will migrate to the new standard of mediocrity. The last thing that Pottsgrove students need right now is to get a message that we are making it easier / lowering our standards and expectations - widening the grading range sends that message, intended or not.

    Again, we understand a grading scale is just a range of numbers, we are just very concerned that broadening the range / lowering the numbers will inadvertently send a message that PGSD is lowering its standards and expectations.

    Very respectfully,

    Fred Remelius