Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dressing for Success

Mercury Photo by Kevin Hoffman
Pottstown High School students were pleased to pay the price for casual dress earlier this month and, in the process, raised $787 toward the cost of replacing the stadium lights at Grigg Memorial Field.

Pottstown schools will enjoy three more opportunities to dress casually for a good cause in the coming weeks.

Superintendent Jeff Sparagana has set this Friday, April 25 as casual dress day by which students and staff may pay for the privilege of wearing casual clothes instead of the school uniform.

The money raised will go toward replacing the lights at Grigg Memorial Stadium. The lights must be taken down because of the age and condition of both the poles and the lights.

Staff pay $2 and students pay $1 for casual dress clearance.

The other two Fridays are May 9 and May 23.

Students and staff may pay on or before these dates to participate.

If donating by check make payable to: Pottstown School District.

Of course, casual does not mean inappropriate, and so the rules of the district, printed below, still apply in terms of dress code.

All Clothing must fit appropriately and be conducive to the learning environment. Please follow Dress Code Exemptions Policy 6182.7n. Some Exemptions listed in the policy – No torn, ripped or ragged clothing. No clothing containing holes. No clothing that reveals the chest or midriff. No Muscle shirts, belly shirts, tube tops, halter tops, low scoop necks, large arm openings, spaghetti strap blouses, fish net, mesh or see through. No spandex or skin tight shorts or pants. No trousers that reveal underwear. Skirts and shorts should be an appropriate length. Please use your best judgment and refer to your student handbook if you have any questions.

Why look, Barth Principal Ryan Oxenford is surrounded by 49 other Ryan Oxenfords....

Of course, sometimes dressing up is the right thing to do, as was the case at Barth Elementary School on April 11.

That was "Switch it Up Day," when teachers and principal Ryan Oxenford came dressed as students and students came dressed as teachers and, in the case of 49 of them, just like Mr. Oxenford.

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  1. The kids had a great time immitating the teachers and Ryan. What a great idea, showing them at a young age how dressing for success is important!