Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Getting Pottstown's Views

Photo by Evan Brandt
Pottstown Mayor Sharon Valentine and Jody Holton, executive editor of the Montgomery Country Planning Commission, welcome those who came out to offer input into writing of the county's comprehensive plan.


  1. Evan - Please clarify your comment on 38,000 new homes needed and 1/3 apartments. Does this mean the population is increasing at a rapid rate that areas like Pottstown will need more rentals?

    1. To clarify, it is not my comment, it is the projection by the Montgomery County Planning Commission and was made by Brian O'Leary..

      The figure, 38,000, is for all of Montgomery County and the fact that one-third of those new homes will be rentals is not Pottstown-specific, but county-wide.

      The population is increasing, but I don't know if I would characterize the increase as "rapid."

      I hope that helps.