Saturday, July 28, 2012

Learning How a Community Works

The Junior Guardian Angels get a lesson in fire safety

Once a month, the Pottstown Area Junior Guardian Angels get a lesson in how a community, the Pottstown community in particular, gets things done.

The children were taught not to fear "the man in the suit."
"We are trying to educate area youth on how community works and to associate faces and personalities with support elements in the community," wrote Rob Matthews, Pottstown Guardian Angels founder.

On Tuesday, that lesson had to do with fire safety and a demonstration of firefighting equipment thanks to the Empire Hook & Ladder and Goodwill fire companies, according to information submitted by Matthews.

In January, the Junior Angels had visited Pottstown Borough Council, met the council members and received a proclamation from Mayor Bonnie Heath. 

In March, as I wrote about in this post, they toured the Pottstown Police Department to develop a  better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of police officers.

Empire firefighter and Borough Councilman Mark Gibson
demonstrates some firefighting equipment.
"Next we intend to associate a face and personality with local District Justice Ed Kropp," Matthews wrote. "We look forward to familiarize and understand the district justice's role within the community," Matthews wrote. 

That visit  will take place Saturday Aug. 18 at 11 a.m.

"As a result of these events, It is our intent to put down the street myth about snitching and put the spotlight on right, wrong and personal responsibility," Matthews said.

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