Friday, July 27, 2012

How Do You Spell "S-U-C-C-E-S-S"?

Spelling Bee contestants Justin-Beasley-Turner, left from
Pottstown  Middle School, with Zachary Bright and
Edgewood Elementary  Principal Calista Boyer.
Zachary was one of only seven elementary students in
Montgomery County to qualify
for the county-wide competition.
Blogger's Note:  More good things going on in Pottstown schools that you wouldn't know about if not for John Armato.

Upon spelling the word "scenario," eighth grader Justin Beasley-Turner became the Pottstown Middle School’s annual spelling bee winner.

The competition was witnessed by the entire student body, teaching staff, and a large contingent of supportive parents.

It took 10 grueling rounds for Justin to be named the top speller of the school. With a total of 18 students competing, the task was not an easy one.

Students throughout the middle school were initially given a test using 20 words from the Scripps Spelling Bee List. Students correctly spelling the most words were invited to participate in the next level of competition.

Eighteen students in grades 6, 7 and 8, accepted the challenge; including Carlos Fuentes Brown, Kiersten Heverly, Rachel Martin, Abigail Richter, Soaad Elbahwati, Brandon Heller, Tyrees Hudgen, Sara Levengood, Bryan Nussbaumer, Dan Nussbaumer, Marvin Pearson, Mahmood Annable, Hunter DeBlase, Marinah Johnson-Mauras, Dajon Oglesby, Erica Piechota, and Bryant Wise.

All participants met weekly during the four weeks leading up to the Spelling Bee competition. They practiced hundreds of words and tested each other in friendly competition.

Spelling Bee coordinator Kim Petro provided the needed support and encouragement during the practice sessions.

Master of Ceremonies for the Spelling Bee was Maureen Russell, word announcer was Kim Petro, and judges included teachers Mary Ann Hill, Lois Sanders, and Desiree Schwoyer.

Justin was deemed the winner after going head to head with runner-up Marvin Pearson for the last four rounds of competition.

 He then went on to represent Pottstown Middle School in the county-wide competition held in Norristown and placed 10th.

Justin was joined by Edgewood Elementary fifth grader Zachary Bright. Bright was one of only seven elementary students in the county to qualify, winning the spelling bee at Edgewood Elementary School for the third straight time

Bright successfully spelled "macaroni" and "nestle" to ultimately advance to the third round and finish in a tie for fourth.

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