Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Angels in the Cop Shop

Not your usual police line-up
Blogger's Note: The following was submitted March 26 by Rob Matthews, the organizer of the local Guardian Angels branch.

The Pottstown Area Jr. Guardian Angel toured the Pottstown Police Department on Saturday March 24.

Thank you very much Captain (Rick) Drumheller and Officer (Mick) Markovich.

Once a month the Junior Angels gather to attend a local field trip that has a community oriented theme.

Initially we are trying to educate the youth on how community works. The first trip was to attend a council meeting to familiarize the “mechanics” of local Government and to associate faces and personalities with the process; in this case Mayor Heath and the council.

Kids love the police car, according to Matthews
This past weekend was the Pottstown Police Department's turn.

Next we intend to associate faces and personalities with local District Justice’s and Fire Departments to familiarize their role within the community.

It is our intent to put down the street myth about snitching and put the spotlight on right, wrong and personal responsibility.

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