Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flapjacks for a Good Cause Saturday (and Cheap too)

One pancake breakfast Saturday could help sustain an entire season of Pottstown Little League.
Have a hankering for pancakes and sausage?

Well Saturday morning, for just $7 ($5 for kids under 12) you can eat pancakes until they're coming out your ears.

What could be better? 

How about the fact that you will be helping to fund another season of Pottstown Little League baseball, softball and T-ball?

The fund-raiser breakfast will beheld at Applebee's in Pottstown, next to the former Giant supermarket.

In addition to pancakes and sausage (and obviously syrup), the breakfast also includes coffee, tea and juice.

Pottstown has a total of 23 teams this year and opening day will begin at 9:30 a.m. on April 14 at Novak Field.

You can find out more about the league at their web site, which includes a link to "dates to remember" and links to what you need to do so you can volunteer.

Pottstown Little League has been with us for 32 years.

As I wrote about last August, during my little-read "Positives in Pottstown" series of stories, the Little League is an impressive organization run entirely on volunteer power.

It cost more than $46,000 to run a season last year. Luckily, all those volunteer efforts brought in nearly $59,000 and not much of it came from the registration costs. 

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