Sunday, May 31, 2020

Edgewood Cemetery Fundraiser Will Really Grab Ya

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The following was submitted by Hobart's Run.

A new initiative of the Hobart’s Run neighborhood improvement initiative is designed to be a win-win that addresses two eyesore issues affecting Pottstown’s ongoing revitalization efforts: trash on the streets, and maintenance of the Historic Edgewood Cemetery, located at 989 E. High Street.

Hobart’s Run and Edgewood Cemetery volunteers are partnering to sell trash “grabber” tools to raise funds toward the daunting annual $20,000 cost to keep the Cemetery mowed. At the same time, they hope to inspire Pottstown residents to do more to pick up litter on their blocks.

The cemetery was abandoned in 2012 and became overgrown and unsightly. A small group of citizens now work year-round to ensure basic care through grassroots fundraising, clean-up days, and other events. Unfortunately Covid-19 and related prohibitions on large group gatherings forced the group to cancel a big spring 2020 clean-up and fundraising event.

The grabbers will be provided for donations of $15 or more per tool,* and all proceeds will go to the cemetery’s mowing fund. The tools also are handy in the home for picking up hard-to-reach items.

“In addition to helping Edgewood pay to mow the grass on this 12-acre site, we hope families and
friends will use the tools to safely pick up litter while out walking in their neighborhoods,” says Cathy Skitko, director of communications for Hobart’s Run and an Edgewood Cemetery board member.

“We would love for families, civic organizations such as scout troops, business owners, and neighborhood groups to make this a win-win by purchasing the grabbers and taking on ‘socially distanced’ community litter walks,” she adds.

“Edgewood Cemetery has made great progress in terms of keeping the grounds groomed,” notes Andrew Monastra, president of the Edgewood Cemetery board.

“We know many businesses and individuals have lost income during the pandemic, but we hope many people can make a donation to help us pay respect to the people resting at the Cemetery and keep it from slipping back into its previously overgrown condition,” he says.

“At the same time, this campaign will allow Pottstown citizens to demonstrate pride in their hometown and make sure it’s in great shape as people return to its businesses and other venues.”

There are two ways to order your grabber:
  • Write a check for a minimum of $15 to Edgewood Historic Cemetery, and mail it to 740 E. High St., Pottstown, PA 19464. If you would like to receive a grabber for your contribution, please make a note in the memo field of the check. Please also include your phone number and email with your contribution, as volunteers will be in touch about distribution of the grabbers after they arrive. Naturally, larger contributions will be greatly welcomed, and all donations are tax-deductible.
  • Use PayPal! Edgewood Cemetery now has a PayPal account. You can indicate if you want a grabber in the drop-down menu.
Citizens interested in contributing to Edgewood’s efforts in any way, including planning a fundraising event for a future date, can contact Andrew Monastra at or 484-644-3830.

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