Sunday, April 5, 2020

PowWow on Manatawny Creek Moved to August

Blogger's Note: The following was submitted by Ron Williams, organizer of the Annual PowWow on Manatawny Creek:

The news and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic has caused us to pay closer attention to the messages and warnings being made by media and government officials as we prepared for our 7th Annual PowWow on Manatawny Creek. 

Our PowWow is one that I know we all look forward to as we come together to celebrate with friends, family and neighbors. It is an opportunity to share our love and respect with others and to teach a lesson of fellowship in dance and song. 

It isn’t easy putting this event together. There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle and I am always anxious up to the moment of Grand Entry, hoping we got it right. But I am ever grateful for the support and encouragement I get from the community and all of you.

As this Pandemic continues to impose its viral impact on our communities it is very likely that the current responsibility which we all share in either practicing healthy distances from one another or otherwise quarantining ourselves will not soon be ended.

Ron Williams
Regretfully, we are postponing our May 2, May 3 PowWow on Manatawny Creek and re-scheduling it to Aug. 20, Aug. 30.

I hope that you will understand our reason for making this difficult decision but as it has become undeniably apparent that this disease is not going to simply disappear in a month, it would be irresponsible to encourage anybody to participate in a gathering such as this at this time.

I will be posting any updates as to our rescheduled celebration over these Facebook pages: “PowWow on Manatawny Creek,” “Reflections of Turtle Island,” “Pottstown Parks Foundation,” and “Pottstown Apropos,” as well as my website “,” so stay in touch. 

My prayers and thoughts are with and for all the people of this our Turtle Island.

Take care of yourselves, be cautious and Be Well

Ron Williams

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