Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Boyertown Area School Board Faces the Music

Photo by Evan Brandt
Washington Elementary School music teacher Anita Boyer
outlines the performance by the senior orchestra at
Tuesday's Boyertown Area School Board Meeting.
The Boyertown Area School Board faced the music Tuesday night in several ways.

The first and most pleasant was the performance by the Washington Elementary School senior orchestra, which played two pieces for the board.

The second, and decidedly less pleasant, were some budget numbers that put some hard choices in front of the board, including saving saving $1.8 million by cutting the very music program that had just serenaded them.

The third, and most political, were comments from three residents of the district who take issue with an email sent out by board member Clay Breece, which they believe violates the board procedures adopted just two weeks ago, and which, they say, is dividing the board and the community.

One of the speakers even called for Breece's resignation.

He responded with a statement, seen in the video pasted below and which did not respond to the call for his resignation, but instead doubled down on his concerns about the school district interfering with parents' oversight and notification about things like questions about gender identity and that even warned of the "collectivism" championed by Karl Marx.

You can read about it all in the Tweets below:

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