Thursday, April 27, 2017

Traffic Study as Slow as a Traffic Jam

So as the collection of news stories and blog posts below indicates, regional planners have been talking about a regional traffic study for a long, long, long time.

And apparently, now that one is underway, it won't get done any time soon.

Last night folks from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Committee -- which oversees planning in Pennsylvania, and New Jersey around Philadelphia and the surrounding counties -- outlined the traffic study they indent to conduct in the area.

Or, to be more accurate, they outlined the steps they will take to undertake a regional traffic study in the area.

Long story short? It will take the next two fiscal years to complete. But before you complain, you should know they are doing it for free, or at least for the $65,000 worth of work they budget for the Montgomery and Chester county areas each year.

I'll spare you the technical talk, some of which you can find below in the Tweets. In essence, the DVRPC will look at the planned large projects in the area, from New Hanover's 700-plus town Center project to the 500-plus Sanatoga Green project in Lower Pottsgrove and make some recommendations.

As Montgomery County Planner John Cover explained it, the ultimate result will be to set priorities for major improvements on a regional basis, and take that regional approach to PennDOT to get the improvements done.

Most projects, taken on a municipal level, fix a few hundred feet of road near their entrance, maybe add a turning lane or traffic signal, and leave the rest for area driver so suffer.

The idea here is to look at the cumulative impact of major housing and commercial proposals, calculate their impact, and make the most important improvements, even if they are in a town or borough other than the one where a project is located.

Got it?

Good, here are the Tweets.

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