Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pottstown Police Get 3 Years of 3% Raises in Pact

Borough Council saved the news for last last night.

After leaving immediately to a closed-door executive session after the meeting began, the vote and details of a new three-year contract with the Pottstown Police Officers Association were not addressed until the end of the meeting.

As you have no doubt already read in the print version of The Mercury, council unanimously approved a new three-year contract for police that provides raises of 3.25 percent the first year; 3.5
percent the second and 3.5 percent in the third.

The police contract cycle is now the same as the non-uniformed union cycle and all borough employees are in the same health plan -- there were once something like seven plans.

In other news, council also agreed to assist with plans to put a welcome to Pottstown sign in the empty lot at King and Manatawny streets across from The Ice House, as well as art panels along the King Street bridge and light pole banners downtown.

Borough Manager Mark Flanders said work on replacing the King Street bridge will likely not get underway until the summer of 2018 and council voted to apply for a Montco 2040 grant to install a pedestrian crossing across King Street at the entrance to Memorial Park and the Carousel at Pottstown on the other side.

Council also agreed to sell 629 Walnut St. to Habitat for Humanity to be refurbished and sold to a first-time homebuyer.

And Phillies Fire Company Vice President Miles Feather said about a dozen people turned out for the first Fire Academy event. The next one will be on Feb. 26 and will focus on ladder operations.

While you're waiting, you can read the Tweets.

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