Monday, February 13, 2017

$1Million Up for Grabs in Montco Grant Program

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by Montgomery County.

Applications are now open for a $1 million grant program aimed at furthering the goals outlined in Montgomery County's comprehensive plan and there is a March 1 deadline to apply..

The Montgomery County Commissioners approved $1 million for the second cycle of the Montco 2040 Implementation Grant Program. The program is intended to assist municipalities in making targeted physical improvements that achieve real progress toward the goals of the County’s comprehensive plan, Montco 2040: A Shared Vision.

This year, for example, Pottstown intends to apply for funding to pay for a pedestrian crossing on King Street, linking the Carousel at Pottstown and Manatawny Green mini-golf with Memorial Park and the
Colebrookdale Railroad, furthering several county goals including making communities more walkable and promoting tourism and recreation as an economic driver.

“This grant program provides the opportunity for municipalities to advance and build projects, such as parks, sidewalks, public art projects, and green infrastructure, which improve our communities and raise Montgomery County’s quality of life,” said Jody L. Holton, AICP, Executive Director of the Montgomery County Planning Commission.

The program will be administered similarly to 2016, with another $1 million available on a competitive grant basis for municipalities and their partners, but with one important change in 2017.

Applications will no longer be reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis. A deadline of March 1, 2017 is the important date to submit applications for projects that are ready to go for round one of funding.

There will also be a second round opportunity to apply by July 1, 2017, but that round will be dependent on funding still remaining after the first round.

The program, initiated in 2016 with annual allocations expected over the next five years, successfully awarded 14 projects totaling $1.24 million in 2016, with the final two projects awarded at a recent Board of Commissioners meeting.

The first was a $42,500 grant to the Upper Perkiomen Region headed by East Greenville to implement a wayfinding and identity program that will install 65 signs across the region.

The second was a $200,000 grant to Lower Merion Township supporting Phase 2 of a multimillion dollar roadway and streetscape project that will improve pedestrian and vehicular travel across a 1.4-mile stretch of the busy corridor separating Montgomery County and Philadelphia.

“The program focuses on supporting local projects that make Montgomery County a great place to live,
Val Arkoosh, chairperson of Montgomery County Commissioners
work, and raise a family,” said Val Arkoosh, Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. “These projects specifically further the goals of Montco 2040 and its themes of Connected Communities, Sustainable Places, and Vibrant Economy.”

While the program is open to a wide array of projects fitting within the comprehensive plan, there are specific focus categories announced each year that highlight recent County planning initiatives.

In 2017, these focus categories will correspond to Walk Montco and Bike Montco (trails, paths, sidewalk connections, and bike facilities), Support of Downtowns and Community Destinations, and Revitalization of Office and Business Parks.

Visit for program details, a brochure that provides information on eligible projects, complete guidelines for the 2017 cycle along with application forms and instructions, and to view the 2016 grant recipients.

For more information on the Montco 2040 Implementation Grant Program, please contact Scott France Scott France, AICP, Section Chief of County Planning, at 610-278- 3747 or via


  1. Evan, do you know if any follow-up has been done about the $250,000 grant that the Colebrookdale received for moving a train station to Pottstown? I know that not long after they received it, they announced that their plan was not secure, as they had problems with the current owners on timing. They then said they would build a new station in Pottstown. As of yet, all I have been able to see on their part are lots of building and plans for Boyertown and nothing, as far as I can tell, for their stop in Pottstown. $250,000 is a lot for the little boarding platform they've put in the park. Do you know about anything in the works or whether there is follow-up on the part of Montgomery County to make sure that money is spent as it was originally intended (moving the station or building a new one in Pottstown)?