Friday, December 9, 2016

Pottsgrove Re-Organizes, OKs 2% Salary Hikes

Blogger's Note: I attended a DEP hearing Tuesday in New Hanover and so did not arrive at the Pottsgrove meeting that night until it was already underway.

Before the year ends, the Pottsgrove School Board got itself ready for 2017 by choosing new officers and awarding 2 percent raises to mid-level administrators.

Rick Rabinowitz stepped down as president after one year and Matt Alexander was unanimously elected as the new board president during Tuesday’s meeting.

Al Leach was similarly unanimously elected as the board’s vice president.

Also unanimous, and without any public comment, was a vote to provide 15 mid-level administrators with 2 percent raises, adding $43,147 to the payroll and pushing salaries for those 15 officials to $1.8 million for 2017.

Highest earning among the recipients were Pottsgrove High School Principal William Ziegler, who saw his salary rise by $2,788 from $139,413 to $142,201.

Right behind him was Yolanda Williams, principal at Lower Pottsgrove Elementary School, who saw her salary increase by $2,751 from $137,567 to $140,318.

Similar increases were provided for the districts other principals as well.
  • · David Ramage, Pottsgrove Middle School Principal, $122,694 to $125,147.
  • · Terri Koehler, West Pottsgrove Elementary School Principal, $113,973 to $116,252.
  • · Lisa Jones, Ringing Rocks Elementary School Principal, $113,141 to $115,403.
Department heads also received the 2 percent raise.
  • · Daniel Vorhis, Director of Education, $130,687 to $133,300.
  • · Kate Pacitto, Director of Pupil Services, 121,000 to $123,420.
  • · Jeff Cardwell, Director of Facilities, $106,050 to $108,171.
* * *

In other news, Leach reported that the school district will begin looking into offering a third language at Pottsgrove, “but not next year.”

Also, Rabinowitz and Alexander said the would like to see the district re-establish the drug task force of several years ago in light of the heroin and opioid addition crisis sweeping the nation.

Here are the Tweets from the meeting.

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