Sunday, December 11, 2016

A New Chapter in An Old Friendship

Photo by Evan Brandt
The original electric motor for Philadelphia Toboggan Co. No. 9
has been spruced up and is now on display at the 
Carousel at Pottstown building.
Blogger's Note: In honor of the first public opening of the Carousel at Pottstown today, after 16 years of effort, we present this particular reminiscence, as told to Brien Heisey. 

I would like to tell you my story. 

I came to life over a hundred years ago right here in this region. 

I became a hidden part that very few people got to see. Every day I could hear the laughter and felt the joy all around me. 

I moved around the country to places like Ohio, Kentucky, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. 

Thirty years ago part of us were split up and auctioned off. I was lost for a while. There was no joy or laughter around me and I felt abandoned. 

One day in 1999 I found my way to Pottstown. 

I was moved around always in the corner, always overlooked. I still missed the joy and the laughter of my younger years. 

I thought no one noticed me over in the corner and I overheard that I was being retired for I was no use to anyone. 

 One day I was pulled up onto the back of a truck. I thought I was  headed to be scrapped. 

To my amazement I was cleaned up, given a new coat of paint, my brass was polished with bright red trim. I was brought back to my old friend. They set me up outside the box. 

I now have a majestic view of the partner I turned for so many years. I see him in his glory that I never saw before. I again hear the laughter outside that box with people laughing and all the awe that carousels bring. 

 Come see me when you can. I stand tall looking over the building that now houses the Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousel No. 9. 

Thank you so very much to the Pottstown Carousel Committee for thinking of me and giving me the best seat in the house.

The Original Old Electric Motor of No. 9

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