Thursday, August 11, 2016

And Then There Were Ten (In New Hanover)

The New Hanover Township supervisors interviewed six of the nine people who applied to fill a vacancy on the board at the township recreation center on Hoffmansville Road, once known as Perkiomen Valley Academy.

 They're at it again.

Grappling with their second surprise resignation this year, the New Hanover Township supervisors met once again Wednesday in special session to interview candidates for the vacancy created by Ralph Fluharty's resignation last month.

And although township supervisors seem to be falling by the wayside all over the place, a whopping 10 township residents applied to take Fluharty's seat.

All the applicants are men. (When the supervisors replaced Doug Muller earlier this year after he stepped down in April, they chose the only woman to apply, Marie Livlsberger.)

Almost as surprising as the number of applicants, are the number of police officers who applied  -- three -- and the number of them who are police chiefs -- two -- as well as the number of them who are members of the Conshohocken Police Department -- two.

Interim Township Manager Greg Prowant provided the names of all 10 candidates. Here they are in no particular order:
Apropos of nothing, one of the
things I discovered last night is that
the rec center has a 'Little Library.'

1) Kurt Zebrowski,
2) Mike Millman,
3) Robert Schurr,
4) Michael Orler,
5) John Auman,
6) Patrick Calvert,
7) Keith Zegiestowsky,
8) Shawn Malloy,
9) Brian Hemmingway,
10) D. W. Boone Flint.

The last six on the list above showed up to be interviewed by the board Wednesday night.

Of those, one said he applied because he had heard rumors of corruption and politics on the board, although he could name no specifics. The supervisors thanked him politely for applying.

Another candidate asked what exactly it is the supervisors do.

You'll have to watch the videos to see who said what.

The first two on the list above are also members of the planning commission -- which was itself filling a vacancy on the same night, due to the resignation of none other than Supervisors Chairman Phil Agliano -- and so could not make the interviews.

Numbers three and four were absent as well.

Schurr is the police chief in North Coventry Township and Orler is the police chief in Conshohocken. Malloy is also an officer for the Conshohocken department.

Because they missed the interviews, the first four will be interviewed during the board's next regular meeting on Monday, Aug. 22. (There is a Pottstown School Board meeting that night as well, so it may not get covered folks.)

"This is going to be a tough decision," said Supervisor Andrew Kelly. "We have some outstanding candidates."

Below are videos that captured most of the interviews of the six who were interviewed last night:

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