Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pottsgrove High School Renovation on Schedule, School Board Questions Relay for Life Support

Photo by Evan Brandt
These two students are the newest members of the Pottsgrove School Board. At left is Mason McIntyre, a junior, who will serve two years, and at right is Maya Stehle, a senior, who will serve for one. At the back trying very hard to stay out of the picture is our good friend Joe Zlomek, editor and publisher of the venerable Sanatoga Post and a damn fine human being.

Here are the two biggest takeaways from last night's Pottsgrove School Board meeting:

1) It looks like the final phase of the $30 million high school renovations will be completed on time, meaning that school will open on time, Sept. 6.

2) Perhaps more surprising is the dwindling support that an increasing majority of the school board has for allowing the Relay for Life to continue to use the district's football stadium for its June event.

The problem for as many as five members is not the local volunteers or the cause, it is the organization that receives all the money raised -- the American Cancer Society.

Board members Al Leach, Jim Lapic, Ashley Custer, Bill Parker and Board President Rick Rabinowitz all expressed reservations about the small amount of the money raised in Pottstown that goes to actual research.

Board member Patricia Grimm, an outspoken cancer survivor, said it is the community spirit and "celebration of life" that is more important. "I don't care where the money goes," she said.

Also, the board decided to reduce the number of times it holds meetings in each of the district's five buildings to once a year.

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  1. First, my congratulations and thanks to Mason and Maya for their willingness to serve as the high school's representatives to the school board. Very cool. I would be remiss if I failed to also thank the selection committee for its presentation of the highly coveted Brandt "Damn Fine Human Being" Award. I am deeply honored. If I'm not mistaken, however, wasn't this same title bestowed last year on a cocker spaniel?

    1. So what I hear you saying is that not only are you ANTI-cocker spaniel, but that you think you are too good to win the same award as afore-mentioned cocker spaniel.
      Oh this is a sad, sad day in the annals of the Damn Fine Human Being Award.....