Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pottstown Students Give Blood, Save 78 Lives

Photos Courtesy of Pottstown High School

Health Occupations student Zechariah Howard, center, oversees the donations being made by Kameron Penn, left and Tyron Hakim.

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by Pottstown School District.
Recently, students and staff at Pottstown High School took part in the annual Winter Blood Drive as part of the Pottstown CARES Day events.

The 26 units of blood collected by the Miller-Keystone Blood Center is enough to to help save 78 lives. 

The blood drive was organized by the school’s Health Occupations students under the leadership of Michaela Johnson. 

“I am very proud of our students and staff for their willingness to give of themselves and make a donation that truly helps to save the lives of many people,” she said.

Health Occupations students assisting at the drive were Destiny Willis, Breana Bodnar, Devon Clary, Zikia Paschall, Denkera Chestnut and Zechariah Howard. 

Pottstown High School student Tim Grassi gives blood.
The Health Occupations students received real-life educational opportunities by assisting in the collection of the donations. They worked side-by-side with Miller-Keystone phlebotomists as they gained valuable skills.

“This was a great learning experience for us," said Chestnut. "One of the phlebotomists taught us a lot about how to safely collect donations and what to do in case of emergencies.”

“This was exciting. At first I was nervous because there were a lot of people and a great deal of activity going on," said Howard. 

"But I soon became comfortable with the staff and enjoyed being able to help in a project that I knew would save lives,".

“Pottstown High School is consistently one of the strongest participating schools in our donor program. Of all of the schools in the nine county area that we service, Pottstown, in spite of being one of the smallest school enrollments, is consistently one of our top collection centers," said Carol Graves, Donor Resource Representative of the Miller-Keystone Blood Center. 

"They have played a very important role in helping to save hundreds of lives in the Pottstown area.”

Pottstown High School HOSA students are hoping to set a new goal of collecting 35 units at its May 25th spring donation event. 

Donors can register by contacting Michaela Johnson, Health Occupations Instructor, at or 610-970-6700 extension 82238.

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