Saturday, March 12, 2016

An 'Outstanding' Way to Spend an Evening

The next stop on our non-stop 2016 Pottstown High School Jazz Band parade occurred Friday at Daniel Boone High School.

Unfortunately, this event begins at 5 p.m. on a Friday which makes it hard for people with jobs to see the whole thing.

Sadly, this meant we missed the performance by Daniel Boone Middle School, Boyertown Area Senior High School and the Daniel Boone elementary jazz bands, arriving only in time to see the last three bands.

Our apologies to Boyertown band director, Brian Langdon, former Pottstown music teacher and friend of this blog.

But apparently he didn't need our support, as the performance by the BASH Big Band earned a "superior" rating from the judges.

Also earning a "superior" rating was the Pennsbury High School Jazz Ensemble, the only other high school jazz band to be rated other than Pottstown, which earned a rating of "Outstanding" for what I believe to have been their best performance this season.

Although Daniel Boone performed, as host, they received no rating.

Boyertown received the best saxophone and best trumpet section awards, while Pennsbury walked away with the best trombone and best rhythm section awards.

As for soloists, Boyertown tenor sax player Adam Helmer was recognized, as were Pennsbury drummer Mike Angelucci and vibes player Wesley Dierolf.

Pottstown trumpet player Chloe Francis received her second consecutive honorable mention soloist award.

Representatives of each of the high school jazz bands accept their awards.

As in the last jazz band blog post, I have embedded the YouTube performances of local bands in the Storify below.

What's different this time is they are the entire performance, without breaks, seeing as I was broadcasting their performances live on Periscope.

If you follow me on Twitter, you will see a notification of the performance and you can click on the link and watch the performances live.

If you don't follow me on Twitter, I can only ask what did I do to make you hate me?

I thought perhaps some of the parents and students who can't come to the performances would like to see them as they occurred.

But the links expire after 24 hours, so I saved those from local schools onto my phone and uploaded them on YouTube so you can enjoy them 24 weeks or 24 months from now.

Here are the Tweets and videos:

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