Friday, February 26, 2016

With or Without You

With all the carping on social media and elsewhere, one might think that all those who know best; those who "fight when you're right;" who call in to Sound off as "one who knows," and the legion of other Facebook know-it-alls, would have flocked to a meeting last night held specifically to hear what qualities and skills people think a new schools superintendent should have.

One would be wrong.

The only person in the room for the meeting Thursday night who was not a member of the school board, a member of the teachers union, a member of the administration or a reporter, was the wife of a school board member and a former school board member.
The people who will recommend your new superintendent:
From left, Bradley Landis, Tina Viletto, John George.

I have to give the school board credit.

Criticized (here and in other places) for not being open enough with the public, they not only allowed people to post from their posteriors (with on-line survey), but also set up a special meeting to let the public have their say.

In fact, John George, the Superintendent of the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit, which is conducting the search, made a point of saying "the board wanted to make sure the public had an opportunity to have a say."

It's not hard for a cynic to guess what happened.

Offered the opportunity to have a meaningful discussion on a position that will oversee a budget responsible for two-thirds of their tax bill and guide the programs which will shape their children's future, Pottstownians punted.

My money is on "It wouldn't make any difference anyway," as the most often used rationalization for taking no part when it matters.

But by all means, lecture us all next week or next year in easily mustered righteous indignation when something happens you don't like.

Just remember, you had the chance to have a say and you blew it off.

Here are the Tweets about how the next schools superintendent will be chosen, with or without you.

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