Thursday, February 25, 2016

Expanding New Hanover Project Traffic Study?

Wednesday night's meeting of the Pottstown Metropolitan Area Regional Planning Committee was mercifully brief.

The agenda was light and probably the most interesting thing about it was talk of traffic.

As many have read here and in The Mercury, a proposal in New Hanover to build offices, retail and a new supermarket, along with 760 homes on 208 acres up against the Douglass (Mont.) township line has caught the attention of many.

The potential to increase traffic on Swamp Pike, Route 663 and Philadelphia Avenue has caused much concern.

It has generated initial estimates of increases in traffic by more than 5,000 vehicles per day, a 50 percent increase.

Wednesday night, Montgomery County Chief of Community Planning John Cover suggested that a $60,000 traffic study Douglass has plans to undertake for its Act 209 traffic impact fee could be expanded, and thus paid for with grants.

It might also get some road improvement projects outside the legal requirements imposed on the development funded by PennDOT.

Here are the Tweets and relevant links.

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