Wednesday, January 13, 2016

(Updated, with Video) The Meeting that Time Forgot

I would like to tell you in detail what happened at the Pottsgrove School Board meeting last night, but the clock struck midnight 20 minutes ago and I'm not convinced I could be accurate.

It was a meeting of about four hours and the board members had so much to say that they actually put off a budget presentation by Business Manager Dave Nester -- a decision which deserves much praise for new board president Rick Rabinowitz.

It went on so long that we even lost some board members before the meeting was over.

There were several bright spots however.

High School Principal Bill Ziegler recognized the students who were named AP Scholars this year, and the staff who teaches them.

This was made more significant by the fact that for the first time, Pottsgrove was named an AP National Honor Roll School District by the College Board.

Here is video of his presentation:

Ziegler also outlined and won approval for, additional classes to offer at the high school, several of them new AP classes.

And West Pottsgrove Elementary Principal Terri Koehler introduced Ayanna Mitchell, a former West Pottsgrove student, now in middle school, who won a $500 grant through a contest for Youth Service America for a program she created to help children get better at reading.

Here's some video of that as well:

Many other topics were discussed, school trips to Italy, new courses at the high school, it's all a blur.

Luckily, we have this record of Tweets to inform you, so dive in folks. It is better than being there.

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