Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Faces at Borough Police and Tax Collector Posts

Mercury photos by Evan Brandt
Newly sworn in Pottstown Police officer Ryan Guth, right, has his badge pinned on by his sister Cara at Monday night's Pottstown Council meeting while Police Chief Rick Drumheller enjoys the spectacle.

There are some new faces in Pottstown borough as a result of actions taken at Monday night's council meeting.

First up is a new police officer, Ryan Guth, who was sworn in Monday night by Mayor Sharon Thomas.

Here's video of that:

Roy Reifsnyder Sr.

And then, Pottstown council -- for the second consecutive time -- acted to replace an elected tax collector who had to resign because they could not meet the requirements of the state.

Last time, it was the person who lost the election, Barbara Toroney. This time, its a new face that is probably very familiar to many, Roy Reifsnyder Sr., a lifetime resident known to many for his decades of involvement with the Pottstown Little League.

But Reifsnyder is also a recently retired accountant and comptroller for a large company and he stepped in -- at council president Dan Weand's request -- when the person who won the election, Coleen Belovich, resigned before she took office.

She could not meet the requirements, more specifically, the bonding requirements, of the office.

Reifsnyder will hold the office for two years and then must step down or run for reelection to the remaining two years of the term.

Here is some video of Reisfsnyder being sworn in:

Also applying for the post was Claude Erb, who goes by Curt.

Although he was not chosen, Council Vice President Sheryl Miller said she had several ideas about other ways he could volunteer to help the borough.

Several other interesting things happened which you can find out about by reading the Tweets and links down below.


  1. What are the requirements for a tax collector to get a bond and how is it obtained ?

  2. Evan, Could you find out why only one realtor, Matt Green, is involved in the home buyer seminar event. I think the Borough should offer other realtors an opportunity to get involved. It looks like favoritism if an ex-police officer is supported by council and of course Mr. Green will be making money if he sells a home or represents a buyer. Council members need to be cautious of pushing their friends for events where their friends have an opportunity to profit. What do you think?

  3. What are the requirements for a tax collector to get a bond and how is it obtained ?