Thursday, November 19, 2015

West Pottsgrove May Form its Own Authority

The most interesting thing on the agenda of the West Pottsgrove Commissioners meeting Wednesday was no where to be found on the agenda.

At the end of the meeting, Commissioner Thomas Palladino proposed that the township form its own sewer and water authority.

The township gets both its water and sewer disposal services through plans owned and run by the Pottstown Borough Authority.

But, to the continued frustration of the commissioners in West, Lower and Upper Pottsgrove townships, they do not have a seat on the authority board that makes all the decisions.

The borough has repeatedly rebuffed those requests and so Palladino thinks West Pottsgrove needs to strengthen its hand.

Lower Pottsgrove already has a sewer authority and Upper Pottsgrove is considering one, he said.

There were a few other items of interest as well, which you will find in the Tweets below.

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