Friday, November 20, 2015

Pottstown School Board Closes Out the Year

Photo by Evan Brandt

Meet the new student representatives to the Pottstown School Board. From left are juniors Jaylen Chestnut, Kenil Patel, both alternates, and primary representative Nyles Rome.

Thursday night's Pottstown School Board meeting was fairly swift.

It was the last meeting of the current board. At the next meeting on Thursday, Dec. 3, new and recently re-elected board members will be sworn in and the board will re-organize, choosing new officers.

That's when the three young men pictured above will begin their terms on the board as student representatives.

Also last night, 2001 alum and veteran Mike Peterman again spoke about his desire to close down the Air Force JROTC program at the high school.

Here is video of his full four minutes or so of comments:

And now we'll move on the Tweets from the meetings and the links which offer background on the issues discussed.

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