Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sustainability, Bikeability and Investment

Tuesday night, the Pottstown School Board and Pottstown Borough Council had their third of four annual joint meetings.

Or, as is often sadly the case, some people from the school  board came to a meeting where there was barely a majority of borough council.

Four school board members showed up -- Polly Weand, Thomas Hylton, Katina Bearden and Ron Williams.

Five council members were there -- Dan Weand, Stephen Toroney, Sheryl Miller, Ryan Procsal and Carol Kulp.

Not sure entirely the point of having joint meetings if most of your board members are AWOL, I mean it was my son's 17th birthday and somehow I managed to be there.

But hey, they're elected officials, so why nit pick? It's not like they're the town's leaders or anything.

Maybe the absent members, who always seem to be the same people, knew they could can learn all they need to know from the Tweets below.

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