Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lower Pottsgrove Running Short of Elected Officials

Mercury Photo by John Strickler

Shawn Watson resigned as a Lower Pottsgrove Township Commissioner Tuesday night.

Shawn Watson's last-minute resignation last night from the Lower Pottsgrove Township Board of Commissioners creates a very unusual situation.

Between his resignation, that of James Kaiser earlier this year and Jonathan Spadt last year, the board
of commissioners now has only two of its five members who were actually selected by the voters.

Chairman Bruce Foltz and Vice Chairman Stephen Klotz, both of whom are on the ballot in November, are currently the township's only elected commissioners.

James Vlahos, who was appointed to fill Spadt's seat last year, is also on the ballot in November.

Retired West Pottsgrove police chief Earl Swavely, who was chosen to replace Kaiser in February, is on the ballot as well.

Of course, they are all fine and upstanding people, but its getting like elected commissioners in Lower Pottsgrove Township are becoming an endangered species.

Of course, the news of the night was Watson's resignation, which you can read about in full in The Mercury or by clicking here.

But there were a few other things of interest you might find in the Tweets below.

First of all, the township adopted a new animal ordinance which, among other things, will limit the number of cats and dogs you can have depending on how big your property is.

They also voted to guarantee a bond re-financing for the township's sewer authority that could save ratepayers up to $1.2 million next year.

And Fire Marshal Lew Babel said a dumpster fire at the now closed Sanatoga Thriftway is being investigated as "suspicious."

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