Wednesday, May 6, 2015

'Stealing' the Election?

Montgomery County Republican candidates from left, Steve Heckman, candidate for judge, Sheriff Russell Bono and district attorney candidate Bruce Castor, flank Horace "Babyface" Reinford III, the Colebrookdale Railroad's youngest volunteer, as they prepare to "rob" some campaign contributors on the train.  

Look out! Here they come!

So we've heard of "stealing an election" before, but this is ridiculous.

Montgomery County Republicans added a bit of fun to their fundraising last week when several candidates for county-wide office "robbed" the Colebrookdale Railroad 1930s-style as a way to raise cash for the election.

Riding into the Boyertown train yard on a vintage Chevrolet pick-up truck, County Sheriff Russell Bono, district attorney candidate Bruce Castor and county judge's candidate Steve Heckman waved fake weapons and boarded the train to meet with supporters.

Rarely has a train full of people been so willing to be robbed.

Of course, eventually, the masks came off, the candidates were revealed, and, undoubtedly, contributions were handed over anyway.

(However, "police" said the whereabouts of the youngest member of the gang, Horace "Babyface" Reinford III, remain unknown....)

Here are a few more photos from the event:
A 'reformed' Bono with area leader
France Krazalkovich

Bono with area leader
Gail Yoder

The oddly gregarious train robbers make their demands known aboard the Colebrookdale Railroad's "Open Car"...

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