Thursday, May 7, 2015

Officer of the Year, Fire Merger Fall-out, New Life for Mrs. Smith's Pies Site, Rental Issues Update

Photo by Evan Brandt
Pottstown Mayor Sharon Thomas, right, reads the proclamation naming Det. Heather Long Pottstown's Office of the Year, while Police Capt. Robert Thomas, left, and Chief Richard Drumheller listen.

So sometimes, you know, technology just fails you.

Despite waning battery life, it was not my mobile devices which made life difficult last night, it was the after-the-fact compilations.

I don't know if it was Storify or YouTube that had a stick up its ass, but I could not get the video links of Heather Long's swearing in to show up on the Storify of last night's council meeting.

And I had such good seats too.

Anyway, because I will never let a good video go to waste, I am embedding them here in a different, hopefully more cooperative program (Not much more).

Here is video of Police Chief Richard Drumheller praising Heather Long's dedication:

And here is more video, this time of Pottstown Mayor Sharon Thomas, reading the proclamation for Long's honor:

And I'd like to say more about last night's meeting, because it was kind of interesting, but you'll have to get it from the Tweets below because at this point, I need a cocktail ... or 10.

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