Sunday, May 3, 2015


Photo by John Strickler
If you couldn't find something to hold your interest in Pottstown Saturday, then you just weren't

From the May Fair at Pottsgrove Manor, to the Pow Wow at Memorial Park; from the Community Health Fair at Ricketts, to the Re-dedication of Rupert; to the car show and the scholarship award at the car show.

When Pottstown leaders unveiled the creation of a tourism and recreation district last October, this is the kind of thing they were talking about.

Cultural and entertainment events that draw people into Pottstown, introduce them to what we have, and convince them to come back.

You didn't need to be a rocket scientist Saturday as I sat inside the Ice House to notice that it was overflowing with customers who seemed to have walked over from the Pow Wow across the Manatawny.

While walking down High Street during the car show, I saw diners in Juan Carlos and the Milkman Cupcake folks out on the sidewalk vaunting their wares.

(Here's the compilation video from the May Fair)

Certainly, ticket-holders for "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf" at the Steel River Playhouse could not have helped but notice that High Street was packed with both people and classic cars.

All of this and the Carousel was not even open, and the Colebrookdale Railroad not even running.

Photo by Dominick Armato
From left, Judy Zahora, Matt Moyer, John Armato, Jeff Sparagana
at the Rupert re-dedication Saturday.
Imagine what kind of crowds (customers, future residents) the town might have hosted if those attractions had been running as well.

Perhaps some of them might even have gotten lost, and had a look at what was going on at Rupert and said, "hey, that looks like a pretty active school."

They might even have done a little research and found out that when it comes to school profile scores among urban districts in Pennsylvania, that Pottstown ranks second in the state.

If we want people to return to Pottstown, people who want to build lives, spend money and appreciate the town for its assets, we have to get them here, and show off those assets.

As you will see in the Tweets below, links to the videos are included, but with the exception of the YouTube video, which can be watched right here, the Touts bring you to a new page, so, as I'm sure you noticed above, I have embedded some videos so you don't have to leave the page.

And here is the video shot by Michilea Patterson at the Community Health Fair at the Ricketts Center, which also looked like a lot of fun.

And, as always, here are the ever-present Tweets, including some from the ever-present John Armato.

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