Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Fire in the Neighborhood

Photo by  Dylan Brandt

Because he arrived in time to get photos of flames 

(not shown here), Dylan is now 
an honorary 

of the brotherhood of

Mercury photographers.
So I'm a little worried my son may go into the family business.

When we heard the first report there was a fire on East Second Street between York and Johnson streets, Friday, my 16-year-old son Dylan went into action.

We live in the numbered streets, so he was pretty close.

He got there, saw firefighters dash down the alley between Second and Third streets, followed them and, when he saw the fire, asked permission of neighbors watching the fire if he could go up on their porch to shoot the fire from above.

I've got to make him understand that there is no money in journalism any more and he should stick to his plans to be a scientist.

Anyhow, fathers are like that.

While at the scene of the fire afterward, I was reminded how incredibly effective the Pottstown fire fighters are.
Photo by Dylan Brandt

He even had the presence of mind to shoot the scene.

Fire Chief Richard Lengel said the fire was essentially knocked down in about 15 minutes.

Looking at the charred remains of 39 E. Second St. and 37 E. Second St., both of which were destroyed by the fire, it occurred to me how much worse it could have been if the fire had been allowed to spread along the rest of the row homes on that block.

There may be turmoil among the fire companies right now because of the merger proposal, but its re-assuring to know that when it comes time to fight fires, these volunteers put those differences aside and do what they do best.

And they are very good at it.

If you get a chance, tell them so next time you see one of them.

Here are the Tweets from the fire scene.

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