Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Upper Pottgrove Handles Road Work, New Homes, Sewer News and Snow Rules

What did the Upper Pottsgrove Township Commissioners do last night?

Better to ask what didn't they do.

They raised the sewer tap-in fee by $293.

They approved a letter informing 24 Farmington Avenue property owners that they will have to pay to re-build their sewer laterals by Sept. 30.

They approved the first-phase of a 58 single-family home development on the north side of West Moyer Road.

They considered passage of an ordinance prohibiting people from shoveling "private snow into a public street."

They approved the re-paving of four roads in the township when it gets warm.

They passed a measure governing temporary storage pods being put on public streets.

And it appointed people to the Tax Collection Committee and to the Zoning Hearing Board.

Read about it all in the Tweets below.

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