Thursday, February 19, 2015

South Street Boarding House Rejected

Photo by Evan Brandt

The zoning hearing board last night denied the application for a variance and special exception which would have allowed the rectory and convent at the former St. Peter's Church on South Street to be converted into board houses.

I could be mean.

I could make you troll all the way down to the bottom of the Tweets to the last one, made around 10:15 p.m., to find out what happened at last night's Zoning Hearing Board meeting.

But, as the headline and photo caption have already told you, the board unanimously denied Higher Ground International's application for a special exception to open a boarding house for veterans and church members at the South Street property once occupied by St. Peter's Catholic Church.

And that's mostly what you came here to find out didn't you?

Maybe you're here to listen to what former Sixth Ward Councilman and Mayor Edmund Skarbek said:

Or maybe you are interested in what the current Sixth Ward Councilman, Travis Gery, had to say.

Or perhaps you are interested in how it progressed and who showed up. If so, by all means read on.

But I think we both know that now that you now what you wanted to know, you're going to get on with your day.

Thanks for stopping by, here are the Tweets.

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