Thursday, January 29, 2015

Things to Think About Before You Hit 'Send'

Josh Ochs
Josh Ochs opened a few eyes Wednesday.

During the day, the social media expert showed Pottsgrove middle school and then high school students how their activity on social media platforms could come back bite them in the behind when applying for colleges and jobs.

Using real-life examples, he showed the students -- and then their parents at an evening session -- how the temporary satisfaction of posting something into the seeming ether of Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Facebook, Kik, WhatsApp, Whisper, Secret,, After School can turn into a permanent problem.

Then he showed how colleges, employers and others you might hope to impress can be unimpressed with a simple Google search.

And finally, he talked about how to take control of that social media profile, and use it to boost your opportunities instead of becoming an obstacle to them.

The Tweets from the evening session are below.

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