Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pottstown High Marches on the Magic Kingdom

Photo by Marley Bryan
After marching down Main Street at Disney World Saturday, the members of the Pottstown High School Marching Band were treated to the traditional fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom

The members of the Pottstown High School Marching Band are not as cold as you and I are right now.

They are in sunny Florida and yesterday, in full uniform, they represented Pottstown on the Main Street familiar to more Americans than any other.

After the performance.
Before they left, it was arranged that they would "live Tweet" their experience on Twitter.

Student and morning announcements celebrity Connor Benfield was supposed to wear a GoPro camera while he marched, but we haven't seen that video yet.

But thanks to the students, staff and several of the parents, we can give you a sample of their trip so far, including one video of part of their performance.

This video is courtesy of Donna Ecker:

And here are the Tweets!

Remember to click the blue "read next page" bar to make sure you see it all.

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