Saturday, November 8, 2014

Making Their Move

Photo by Evan Brandt
The weather was dramatic
but not a problem Friday for the move-in to Rupert
Spent some time Friday visiting Edgewood as the movers cleared it out and one of them, Roger Hendricks, was a former student of the school.

He seemed sad, but not nearly as sad as Mike Fiorillo, longtime custodian at Edgewood who had to live through the building closing all over again.

"It's a shame," was all Fiorillo was willing to say about the building (and the building's occupants) he had watched over for so many years, now being closed once again.

Over at Rupert, things were bustling as movers mixed with teachers setting up their rooms and getting ready for official opening Monday.

Pick up a copy of the paper tomorrow for our coverage of the move-in and Wednesday's open house; and again Tuesday for our coverage of Monday's first day.

In the meantime, here are the photos (and videos) I shot yesterday.

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