Sunday, November 9, 2014

30 Years of Service Recognized

BLOGGER'S NOTE: The following was provided by Upper Pottsgrove Township

Upper Pottsgrove resident Reginald Leister was recognized at a recent Board of Commissioners Meeting with a Certificate of Appreciation, “for his long standing and faithful service to our community” stated Elwood Taylor, President of the Board. 

He went on to cite, “his passionate participation in emergency preparedness activities that has enhanced the safety and security of all of our residents.”

Mr. Taylor continued to identify Mr. Leister’s contributions on the Emergency Operations Committee, coordinating emergency communications through amateur radio; obtaining grant funding to enhance the EOC operations; first in PA to obtain FEMA recognition among municipalities for National Preparedness Month activities.

The Commissioners also recognized the 44-year Farmington Avenue resident for his tireless leadership in many other noteworthy civic activities and accomplishments. 

Those include: Civil Service Commissioner, Parks and Open Space proponent; Township Newsletter contributor; Historic Home Identification Supporter; Ceremonial U.S. Flag Disposal Coordinator; Amateur Radio License Facilitator and Weather Spotter for the National Weather Service and SKYWARN Program.

Mr. Leister also recently retired after 59 years of service in the Boy Scouts of America.


  1. Congratulations Reg! What is missing from the above is that Reggie, amateur call N3KAS, was also the Public Information Officer for the Pottstown Area Amateur Radio Club for many years. He will really be missed by the Boy Scouts and Amateur Radio Fraternities. Good luck to you in all future endeavors.

  2. Kudos to Reg for all his good work!

  3. Yes way to go Reg. Congratulations