Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Out on Bail, Ziegler Attends Township Meeting

Photo by Evan Brandt
The full board of supervisors was present for Monday's meeting. From left are Tony Kuklinski, Chairman John Stasik, Fred Ziegler and Township Manager Peter Hiryak.

The news of this meeting is, I suppose, how normal it was.

With three lawsuits going among present supervisors and former supervisors -- now one less, as embattled Supervisor Fred Ziegler has dropped his defamation lawsuit against the township -- thinks might be understandably tense.

The fact that the last time the supervisors met, Ziegler was absent because he was siting in a jail cell in Pottstown having just been arrested and charged with stealing from the township and corruption, made his appearance Tuesday night significant.

Related to that, Ziegler requested that supervisors get the bill list earlier so they have more time to review it. The fact that they often get it the night of the meeting was something Ziegler said was pointed out to him as a result of the fact that his votes are an element of the case against him.

There was also some interesting discussion about the deed for the Gilbertsville Firehouse, and an Eagle Scout project to improve trails in one of the township's open space parcels.

Here are the Tweets from the meeting:

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