Monday, September 15, 2014

11th Carousel of Flavor is a Hit!

Photo by Evan Brandt
By all reports, the icing on this Red Velvet cupcake from 
Batter-Up was quite stupendous.
The eleventh Carousel of Flavor restaurant festival was held on High Street Sunday and it was bigger and than ever.

This is, without a doubt, one of the best events Pottstown hosts, one of many, and that's saying something considering how fond I am of the Volleyball Rumble (where I get to serve -- drink -- Sly Fox Beer) and the growing swell of Halloween events in town.

Full disclosure: I have done grant work for the Carousel at Pottstown organization and been paid by them, but I would come to this restaurant festival if they had never paid me a penny.

Good fun, a classy event and hey, they've got a beer tent! (Wine too, if you like that sort of thing....)

I was there with my wife as a civilian, unofficial in ever way, but I couldn't help "documenting it," as my wife so correctly described it.
Photo by Evan Brandt
The day's food judges come from the culinary program
at Montgomery County Community College.

But hey, she also had a great idea: People love to take pictures of their food these days and a restaurant festival is tailor-made for that sort of thing.

(I did it on Twitter, but I think Instagram is the best vehicle for this next year. Keep your eyes peeled for hashtag suggestions next year.

Anyway, as your hometown newspaper, The Mercury was obviously on the scene, so I included the work of Mercury photo Chief John Strickler and Sunday reporter Frank Otto along with my own paltry menu choices here.

In fact, here is Frank's Tout video from the event:

And here are my Tweets from the event:

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