Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vote Early, Vote Often

Candace Benson, on screen, is done with judges. Now it's time for America to judge.

Pottstown High School graduate Candace Benson is poised to become a gospel singing star on national TV, but she needs your help to do it.
Candace, left, and Geoffrey after being named
the two finalists on 'Sunday Best.'

Benson, who graduated from Pottstown in 2010 and is now a student at Montgomery County
Community College, is one of the two finalists on BET's program "Sunday Best."

What started out with thousands of auditions is now down to two finalists, Benson and Georffrey Golden who, it should be pointed out, has NO connection to Pottstown whatsoever, although I'm sure he's very nice and all.

You can vote online by logging on to Voting is now open and you can vote on-line or with the BET Now mobile app as many times as you would like.

For those of you who like to wait for the last minute, you can vote the night of the final program, Sunday, Aug. 31, by telephone.

To vote for Benson, call 1-888-5-BEST-01 or 888-523-7801, but you are limited to 15 votes via this method.

Candace being coached on 'Sunday Best'
If you want to know more about her, click here to read the story I wrote when she became one of the final four.

You can read about her reaction to being named one of the two finalists here.

So why not start early, and start voting now?

If you want to see Candace on the program, you can watch her on this link, where, I hasten to point out, you can vote for her as well.

Have I mentioned that on-line voting is unlimited? Well it is, so go vote.

If you would like to hear Benson sing, here is a video of her singing in The Mercury's Media Lab:

Now, doesn't she seem like she deserves to win?

Remember, you can vote RIGHT NOW! AND AGAIN....ANd again....and again.....

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