Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Salaries, Exams and Construction, Another School Year Begins

Tuesday night, the Pottsgrove School Board dealt with a number of issues related to the start of the school year, including new, presumably higher, salaries for administrators; as well as high school construction issues, Keystone Exam issues, how to fill board vacancies and even school lunches.

Read all about it through the live-Tweeting of Mercury Reporter Evan Brandt, who has a very sore thumb.

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  1. Thanks Evan... No mention of the 4th grade teacher that Pottsgrove Failed to retain ?
    And I guess the whole "accentuating the positive" means ignoring any negatives, same as always... Guess we can anticipate the same opening day issues again next year because Proactive is not part of the SOP of Pottsgrove and is acceptable to the administration