Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Night on the Town

Photo by Evan Brandt

Sometimes, when you want to take back the streets (and sidewalks) of your community, you have to put your message in just the right place....

Tuesday night was National Night Out and I had a little help covering things in Pottstown from Michilea Patterson, our Fit for Life reporter and my co-Tweeter for the evening.

And if you would like to see an awesome 40-photo slide show of the evening by Mercury Photographer John Strickler, click here.

As always, remember to click the blue "Read More" bar to make sure you get it all.


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    1. Hmmmm, it opens the rest of the Storify, but there does not seem to be a slider bar to continue viewing. I suspect the problem is with Storify, which has been failing singularly lately. I guess you get what you pay for...

    2. OK, now it worked.

    3. Try refreshing your browser and trying again.
      Thanks for pointing it out.