Monday, May 19, 2014

Letter Slams Quigley Mailers as 'Misleading'

Letter writer says Tom Quigley's mailers are misleading
Tomorrow is primary election day.

There are few local races in Pottstown with the exception of the Republican primary for the 146th state legislative district.

It pits former state Rep. Tom Quigley -- who lost the seat in the last election to Democrat Mark Painter -- against Harvey Friedland.

At attorney who lives in Trappe, Friedland bucked the Republican committee and filed to run against Quigley after Quigley won the committee's endorsement by one vote, after which two other challengers, Limerick Supervisor Thomas Neafcy Jr. and Pottsgrove School Board President Justin Valentine, backed out.

Painter, the incumbent Democrat, is unopposed on Tuesday's primary ballot.

The 146th District now only covers the eastern portion of Pottstown.

During the most recent re-districting, Tim Hennessey's 26th District was extended across the Schuylkill to include the southern and western portions of the borough. 

Not only is Hennesey, a Republican with decades in office, unopposed in the primary. It appears he will likely be unopposed in the general election in November as well.
Harvey Friedland is seeking the GOP nod Tuesday for the 146th Dist. 

So around here, it would seem that choices on primary day are limited to Republicans who live in the eastern portion of the borough.

I received this e-mail over the weekend and I suspect it may not make it into the print edition of The Mercury before Tuesday's election.

So I offer it here without comment. 

It speaks for itself:
Dear Mercury Staff,
I hope that this will reach the Editors page before the primary election on Tuesday May 20th, 2014 which is next Tuesday.

My name is David M. Alderfer, I have lived in Pottstown for 20 years. I am a proud Republican and have not missed a primary or general election since I've been here. In most past elections I've voted the party line, I have voted for Ex State Rep. Tom Quigley multiple times.

I am to the point now where I don't know who I should or should not vote for. I hate the political mud slinging, knit picking and misinformation that goes along with these people running for office.

Here is what I do know.

Ex State Rep. Tom Quigley keeps sending out political campaign mailers with misinformation about his opponent Harvey Friedland. Mr. Quigley quotes an article from the Pottstown Mercury, as April 3, 2014, twice in his first mailer on May 9, 2014 and once in his mailer on May 16, 2014 as saying that Mr. Friedland said "we wont see the complete elimination of the property tax."

Wow! I read it so it must be true! Really, now lets see an actual quote from the article that was written by "Award winning reporter Evan Brandt" that appeared in the Mercury. What was reported as the words of Mr. Friedland actually were "most property tax reform proposals he has seen do not generate enough revenue to allow for the complete elimination of the property tax."

I see that as politics as usual, omit parts of a statement made by a person to discredit them. It also seems to me as being weak, like school yard antics. When one child says things about another to make them look bad.

Really Mr. Quigley are you that insecure that you must mislead the public about your opponent?

You were in office for "FOUR" terms and talked about and "sponsored legislation to eliminate school property tax." That's funny I've lived here for 20 years and I've never heard one person say their property tax has ever dropped a little bit.

I'm sure Mr. Quigley is a real nice fellow, I'm sure Mr. Friedland is a real nice fellow.

What I have not seen is any mailers, flyers or articles with Mr. Friedland misleading the fine people of 146th district about his opponent. Isn't that the typical political agenda?

For years, ever since the incident when the Pa legislators in the middle of the night against the state constitution voted them selves a pay raise. I've heard people say to "vote them out." I believe Mr. Quigley was in office at that time and he was voted out, once.

Do we really need to put him back in office again? Can we trust him?

The Republican committee is endorsing Mr. Quigley, but that shouldn't surprise any one. If the same old, good old boys are there running things its easier for them to meet their agenda if they have the support of the politicians that they put in office, then it's politics as usual.
I for one would love to see change in Harrisburg, but its not going to happen until we put some new fresh ideas and people in office.

After looking over the mailers that Mr. Quigley sent out. Not only does it mislead the public on what was said in the Mercury. The dates that were used for the article quote was wrong.

Mr Quigley's mailers said 3 times the article date was April 3, 2014, when in fact Mr. Brandt's article was in the Mercury on Friday April 4, 2014. Not only that, Mr. Friedland's name was misspelled on the mailer that I received on May 16, 2014. Really? Come on Tom, that's weak.

(Blogger's note: I suspect Mr. Quigley is using the date the article was published on The Mercury web site, which is often sooner than it appears in print, which is the date Mr. Alderfer is probably using...)

Is this the kind of person we want in office representing us? Not me, and if Tom Quigley wins this primary I may have to vote the other party in the general election in November for the first time in 37 years.

I just wish this letter reaches the people and gives them something to think about. We can't change anything if we don't try to change it.
Thank you,
David M. Alderfer

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