Tuesday, May 20, 2014

And the Winner Is.....

Photo by Evan Brandt

The Pottstown School District's Teachers of the Year wait to find out which will will represent the district in the statewide Teacher of the Year Competition. They are, from left, Sarah Paul, Julie Boettcher, Mandy Wampole, Jamie Fazekas, Amy Gazillo, Arden Moore and Kelly Smale.

Well for the umpteenth year in the row, the Pottstown School District chose to combine one of the most important votes of the year, the adoption of the tentative budget for the year, with a number of other ceremonies including the Teacher of the Year.

So, while families of the teachers talked with each other after the naming of the district's Teacher of the Year (I'm not telling, you have to read the Tweets), the board voted 7-2 to spend $55.9 million.
Photo by Evan Brandt
The 16th consecutive Distinguished Unit ribbon is attached to the 
Pottstown High School Air Force JROTC flag by 
Schools Superintendent Jeff Sparagansa. 

Not that you'd know that from looking at the meeting agenda, where other crucial amounts like the hourly rate for the cafeteria manager are dutifully noted. But hey, why would you want to know what the budget is at a public meeting where, you know, you might offer public comment or something.

It's almost as if the budget vote is an after-thought, a sideshow after the main event.

Silly public.

And you thought it was YOUR school district.

You only get to pay for it.

There is still one more budget vote, in June.

In the meantime, this "proposed budget" is available for public review for 30 days, as required by law, after which you can offer public comment when, you know, its too late.

Please find below the Tweets and one Tout video from last night's meeting. And remember to click the blue "Read Next Page" bar to make sure you've got it all.

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