Friday, March 28, 2014

I Feel Free

Ashon Calhoun
Blogger's Note: The following is happily culled from Pottsgrove Middle School Principal David Ramage's Principal's Update.

Pottsgrove Middle School is excited to celebrate the success of one of our 8th grade students! 

Ashon (Calhoun) found out that one of his original poems, "Free," was selected for publication by the PoetryWITS (Writer In Our Schools) program. 

This group is based in Montgomery County, and runs an annual Poetry Contest.

Ashon’s poem was an assignment for his 8th grade Laguage Arts class with Mr. Royce. A staff member at the school was impressed with Ashon’s work and submitted the poem to PoetryWITS.

Within a week we were notified that Ashon’s work was chosen for publication.

Effective writing is a skill sought after by employers in a broad range of fields. Here at Pottsgrove Middle School we take the craft of writing seriously. 

Students write in a variety of styles in a range of classrooms. Enjoy the power of Ashon’s writing as you read his original poem...


I was made to be free
My past is trying to hold me
I can’t give up I’m a fighter
But the bonds keep getting tighter
Suddenly my life flashes before my eyes
I see all my truths and all my lies
I see all my regret and all my pain
I see all my pride and all my shame
I can’t let my past imprison me I will not be caged
I keep looking on the bad but I should just turn the page

I look on the good and the bonds loosen their grip
I look harder and they start to slip
I stare at the bonds that hold me no more
I scan the room then open the door
I step out and take in the sight
It’s been awhile since I was in the light
I don’t look back I am free
Those bonds no longer hold me

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