Saturday, March 29, 2014

Head Over Heels About Fitness

Physical education teacher Matt Fabian is head-over-heels about fitness.
Eating right is as important as exercise.

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At Pottstown’s Rupert Elementary School students understand the value of the Greek philosophy of “Healthy Body and Healthy Mind.”

Students, staff, and parents recently took part in a family night of fitness.

Over 60 parents joined students in a night of activities that included blood pressure screenings, yoga, Pilates, cardio exercises, and an educational session on healthy snack ideas.

The students and parents were joined by a number of teachers and Rupert staff that helped to organize and conduct the activities. They included Stacey Bauman, Treena Ferguson, Shannon Wagner, Jamie Fazekas, Diana Dotterer, Nicole Leh, Lisa Stephenson, Christine Fiorillo, Melissa Scaltrito, Allen Ferster, Marybeth Reinhart, Susan Paravis, Rine Strohecker, Dave Genova, and Matt Fabian.

Most kids think adults
should be more flexible.
Principal Matt Moyer said, “I am so excited to see many of our students and parents coming back
after fter school hours to show their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Once again our staff proves that they are here to help children succeed. Without their efforts in organizing and conducting these activities, the night would not be possible.”

Moyer expressed a special thanks to members of Fresh Start Fitness, Schuylkill Valley Sporting Goods, and the YMCA for supporting the evening’s events.

This year, the Pottstown School District has made physical fitness and its benefits to academic performance  an area of emphasis.

Each day, students throughout the school district participate in brain energizer activities to help prepare them for academic success.

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