Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Cavalcading We Will Go

Boyertown, which hosted a cavalcade last weekend, my first, was the big winner at last night's Owen J. Roberts Marching Band Cavalcade.

Not only did the Bears win their Yankee Class division taking first with a score of 84.65, the band also won the high percussion and high auxiliary awards against their lone opponent, Council Rock South.

Furthermore, the band also won the "Overall Music" Award but their band director, Brian Langdon, moved from Pottstown to Boyertown this year, was named the "most loved" band director.

Congratulations Mr. Langdon, we miss you back in Pottstown.

Because Owen J. Roberts was hosting, the band performed but did not compete.

(Good thing too, because, personal opinion, I think they would have kicked everyone else's butt.)

Also performing, but not competing, was the Owen J. Roberts Middle School Marching Band.

In my personal opinion, Pottstown also deserves more props than they seemed destined to get from anyone, be it referee of band judge, but then maybe I'm just a lover of classic rock music (or the parent of the Pottstown band member. I'll never tell. What I will say is that the Pottstown show is a crowd favorite, which is their first priority.)

Anyway, more results.

The Phoenixville Area High School took second place in the American Class division, which had four competitors. (We arrived too late to shoot any video. Sorry Phantoms, if anyone has any video they would like to send me, I will post it here.)

And now, on to the Liberty Class, where Pottstown and Pottsgrove, faced off against Souderton and Marple-Newtown, which is from Delaware County.

With a score of 80.85, Pottsgrove came in second and Pottstown, with a score of 78.8 came in fourth.

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