Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Proud to be from Pottstown (Part III)

Some of this year's award-winning middle school students who were asked to write about why they are proud to be from Pottstown.

Here it is, the post you have all been waiting for -- the third in our (John Armato's) three-part series of student essays whose subject was their pride in their hometown.

As we wrote about in the first installment on July 25, the contest was sponsored by Bruce and Martha Graham who own the local McDonald's franchises.

Following are the expressions of “Pottstown Pride” from Pottstown Middle School sixth, seventh, and eighth grade award winners:

Megan Weller – Grade 6 – I’m proud of my community. We help the homeless and less fortunate get back on their feet. Some towns don’t care about other people and worry only about themselves unlike Pottstown. I am also proud of my community because we support local businesses. I am proud of Pottstown Middle School because we have a clean environment. Our principal, staff, and students work very hard to keep it this way. One day in the future after we graduate from high school, we will be able to go to college and then get a promising and successful job. I am proud of myself because of all of the life lessons I have learned here. I have learned to always be respectful and friendly to others.

Emily Jerdon – Grade 7 – In our community we have many kind people and families. Pottstown is a very family-oriented community. We host major annual holiday parades and on High Street from May through September there is a car show on the first Saturday on every month. I am proud of my school because it offers a quality environment for students to learn. The middle school provides an afterschool program that allows students to work on homework, get extra help if needed, and do other fun activities. They then transport you home and it is all free. I am proud of myself because I have kept my grades up and have made high honors since fourth grade and have been accepted into the National Junior Honor Society. I am proud of our music program that I have been a part of since fourth grade and now I am the captain of the basketball cheerleading squad.

Randall Jackson – Grade 8 – Pottstown is a small town, but the people in our community want us to be all that we can possibly be. They offer up organizations to help people get a better education and be more successful. Our community has a college that we can go to and a library that provides us with information. We have donations that go to our school so that we can buy more advanced technology like SmartBoards and laptops. There are many special trips that we can take to help improve our understanding of our community. I am proud of all these things and I am proud of the fact that I possess a good sense of humor and really don’t get annoyed. I am usually in a good mood and am always willing to show my pride.

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