Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spring Time is Curtain Tiime

The Hill School's winter musical this year was "Anything Goes"

Ahhhh spring.

The flowers are blooming, the birds are twittering, the bees are stirring, the students are performing.....

Yup, spring time is when most high schools put on their annual play or musical and, in the case of two local schools, its musicals all the way.

From Feb. 15 to 17, The Hill School performed "Anything Goes" and we've taken the liberty here of purloining a few photos from the school's Facebook page.

The cast list for the performance is: Jeffrey Armstrong ’16, Will Bell ‘16, Cassandra Borelly ’13, John Carson ’14, Cassy Windia’16, Courtney Castagna ’16, Renee Cherry ’13, Crystal Desai ’15, TJ Galamba ’14, Hunter Gofus ’13, Lily Haddad ’14, Khatiti Harper ’13, Charlotte Jamieson ’14, Catherine Kelly ’14, Autumn Lafferty ’15,Taylor Lange ’16,Annie Li ’16,Claudia Long ’15, Erica Lowry ’15, Peter Marsh ’15, Kate Meng ’16, Nkemka Obineche ’14, Jessica Park '13, Alexander Seeley ’16, Laura Snyder ’15, Sierra Stratton ’16, Angelika Sullivan ’15, Cynnie Teinowitz ’14, Margot Wegman ’16, Calvin Wentling ’14, Rebecca Williams ’16, Sloane Wilten ’16, Olivia Zitkus.


Elle (Junior Emily Weaver) mistakenly believes that her boyfriend Warner (Senior Ian Yanusko) is planning to propose in Pottgrove High School's "Legally Blonde: The Musical" to be performed March 14 through 16.

Across town, students at Pottsgrove High School are putting the finishing touches on "Legally Blonde: the Musical, which will be performed on March 14, 15, and 16 at 7:30 in the school’s Dr. Richard Radel Auditorium.

The musical version, which opened on Broadway in 2007, is based on the popular movie.

When Elle Woods (Emily Weaver) is dumped by her boyfriend Warner (Ian Yanusko), who wants someone more serious in his life, she concocts a crazy plan to win him back.  This involves following him all the way to Harvard Law School.  Supported by her best friends and sorority sisters (Rebecca Smith, Kendra Houck, and Hailee Tyson), she encounters the tyrannical Professor Callahan (Josh Crocetto) and the sympathetic teaching assistant Emmett (Trevor Noll).  At her darkest moment (when she contemplates going brunette), she is rescued by her confidante and stylist, Paulette (Brianna Petitti). 

Paulette (Junior Brianna Petitti) shares her dreams of Ireland
with Elle (Junior Emily Weaver)
While following the plot of the movie, the musical adds many memorable numbers, including the soulful “Ireland,” the jazzy “Whipped Into Shape,” the show-stopping “What You Want,” and the heart-breaking “Legally Blonde.”  And, of course, the sexy “Bend and Snap” gets its own song.

Other featured performers include Brianna Beitler, Jake Deska, Shayna Flint, Aaron Jaffe, Matthew Megraw, Kristi Shultz, Dan Weand, and Hannah Windrim.  The 39-member cast includes Alexis Adair, MJ Bird, Linda Bostwick, Danielle Buchanan, Molly Chiodo, Ashley Cole, Danielle Gambino, Justin Gomez, TJ Helms, Tristan Herfurth, Abby Hudock, Dana Landes, Mollie Marko, Tayler Nofer, Andrea Paganelli, Shelby Poston, Nicole Raimondi, Joseph Ricci, Kelsey Sprouse, Marcus Taylor, Katlyn Trapani, Allison Wentzel, and Nick Wolfe.

Many faculty members contribute to the production.  The musical is directed by Todd Kelly.  Cynthia Foust is the vocal director while Victor Holladay conducts the orchestra.  Holli Artim serves as assistant director.  Costuming is handled by Elizabeth Rodenbaugh and Cindy Wozniak with assistance from student Samantha Moyer.  Art direction is supervised by Cindy Scherer and Gwyneth Thomas.  David Moyer oversees the stage crew.

Tickets for the production are $10 for general admission and $8 for students or senior citizens. Tickets may be purchased in advance from cast members or by contacting the high school at 610-326-5105. Tickets will also be available at the door.

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